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Pat Greany Sandwich

Featured in: "12 Outstanding Breakfast Sandwiches in San Francisco"

A breakfast sandwich can come in many forms: with fried eggs or scrambled eggs, bacon or faux bacon, Spam or Taylor ham, cheese or no cheese, on a roll or a bagel or two slices of bread, and on and on and on. Even the most basic version can be damn satisfying.
Cakes in San Francisco

Featured in: ”16 Iconic Cakes in San Francisco"

Whether you’re putting in an order for a special occasion or just vicariously ordering dessert on a Tuesday night, the city’s best cakes come from both bakeries and restaurants, crafted by acclaimed pastry chefs and cute neighborhood shops alike.
Bakeries in San Francisco

Featured in: ”22 Sweet Bakeries in San Francisco"

San Francisco is no stranger to stellar baked goods. From award-winning croissants to trendsetting toast, jam-stuffed baby doughnuts to the jiggliest of egg tarts, bakeries around town cover every craving, in every corner of the city.
Pies in San Francisco and the East Bay

Featured in: ”15 Sweet Pies in San Francisco and the East Bay"

When considering versatile desserts, think no further than pie. Just as delicious when served as a morning meal as it is alongside a dollop of ice cream for dessert, pie is tasty no matter whether it arrives freshly baked or straight out of the fridge.
Pies in San Francisco

Featured in: "New Ways to Eat Pie"

Remember when pie was just pie? Single crust, or double, perhaps with a lattice top. A summer berry filling, pumpkin in fall, or maybe chocolate cream.

Featured in: "What We’re Loving This Month in San Francisco"

Some come to Black Jet Baking Co. for its fancified versions of childhood favorites, like the signature buttery Nutella Pop-Tarts and caramelized coconut treat (aptly dubbed the Crack-a-roon).
Pies in San Francisco

Featured in: "Get Ready to Drool: These Are the Best Bakeries in the West"

We’ve tracked down the most noteworthy croissants, macarons, breads, and cakes across the West, from Seattle to San Francisco to Tucson.

Excerpt from: "This is What Happened When I Gave Up Sugar"

..."People used to come up to us at our pastry stand and say, ‘So…do you have anything that’s sugar-free and gluten-free and fat-free?’ and I always felt like screaming: ‘Get a handle on yourself! What are you doing at a pastry stand!?’"