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About Black Jet

Black Jet Baking Co. is a woman owned and operated bakery in San Francisco. Founder, Gillian Shaw Lundgren was born and raised in Worcester, Massachusetts and her love of baking started early: whipping up Sour Cream Coffee Cake, homemade Devil Dogs and Oat Bottom Brownies in her home kitchen with her mum. Her love of food and baking led her to San Francisco and she hasn’t stopped baking since.

Black Jet Baking Co. was born in 2010 as a wholesale operation, delivering cookies and Pops (handmade Pop Tarts) to coffee shops and offices all around the city of San Francisco. The wholesale business quickly grew to include local grocery stores, catering companies and restaurants.


In 2017, Gillian reunited with Max B. Newman when Black Jet found their beautiful bakery home on Cortland Ave.  The duo first met at the Liberty Café (a few blocks away) where their friendship was forged while making millions of chicken pot pies, banana cream pies and discussing the different snack cakes of their youth on their respective east and west coasts.  Max is a wildly talented chef and baker who has spent time cooking in some of San Francisco's most beloved kitchens like Zuni Café and Marla.  He brings his passion of the Bay Area's bounty of ingredients, incredible skill, and love of food when creating the most delicious breads, pizzas, pies, meatballs and soups.  They are a match made in bakery heaven. 

The Team

Gillian and Max are supported by the most incredible bakers, baristas, dishwashers, and delivery drivers (past and present).  They are integral in making Black Jet the special place that it is and we will be adding their bios very soon! xo

The Name - Why Black Jet?

Black Jet is named after Gillian’s beloved dog Sable, who she crossed the country with in 2003 to pursue her dreams of becoming a baker. Sable, a spunky jet black lab mix, was Gillian’s constant companion and source of love and strength as she navigated a new city and new life. Their roommate Abby affectionately dubbed her “Black Jet” and the rest is history.